Safe Cleaning Recipes:

Lemon Cleaner

Lemon Cleaner

Great as a spray on kitchen counters, refrigerators and stoves. Not for windows or wood.

Pour into a 24 oz. spray bottle and shake well.

Essential Oil Cleaner

Essential Oil Cleaner

For wood, counters, refrigerators and stoves. Just spray and wipe.

Pour all the ingrediants into a 16 oz. spray bottle and shake well.

Vinegar and Vodka Cleaner Vigegar and Vodka Cleaner

Vinegar and Vodka Cleaner

General cleaning. Spray on conter tops, inside and outside of refrigerators, stoves, floors. Not for wood.

Pour ingrediants into t 24 oz. spray bottle and shake well. Not for wood.

Disinfectant Wipes 1

Disinfectent Wipes #1

Great general purpous wip for just about anything.

The vinegar has disinfecting properties and the essential oils provide anti-bacterial and natural germicide properties, while also giving the solution a pleasant scent.

Disinfectant Wipes 2

Disinfectent Wipes #2

Another general purpous wip. Great for quick cleanup.

This is basically my multipurpose cleaner for using with the wipes. The tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties and the castile soap provides the cleaning power. You can find both castile soap and tea tree oil at Target, but I have found the best prices online.